Quick update

Alright, not much to show off, but here’s some quick stuff so that I can have a post this week:

  • The upstairs of our house is now recarpeted! We paid the pros for this. I was originally going to lay down laminate, but due to some promotional pricing, it ended up being about the same price to get good carpet. As a result, I don’t have to worry about refinishing the stairs myself…
  • My electronics shop is starting to come together. I now have a comfortable soldering bench, some storage, and most of my electronics stuff in order. I’ll get a better update on this later.
  • I also have been working on a recurring runoff leak into the shop. I used some scrap metal to make a small barrier for the spot it was coming in, and retrenched a little diversion most, and I’m waiting for the next big rain to see how it does. I planned to update after some storms earlier this week, but I didn’t get enough rain to declare my efforts as successful. These efforts are temporary anyways, as we will need to dig a swale or something in the long run.
  • We are moving the last of our storage unit stuff out this weekend, and I’ll be using the moving truck to grab some larger plywood sheets and lumber.

Many other projects are in the planning phase right now, but with the final move coming up, we have a bit of furniture to assemble and things to organize. Should be fun?