Actually, Hello World

Well, wow. It’s 2020, and I’m making another attempt at starting a regular blog. It’s a weird thing to do, since most blogs have died off. There was a period of time (mid-2000’s) where it was the thing to do, and we all had RSS feeds and readers. We didn’t have much social media, and it would end up as a landing page for our online personas. There were forums and comment sections, and people would jump between them for online dialogue. And if you could get a good blog following, that was really something.

Now, of course, everyone’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, whatever…and those communities all fall short of being a good experience. I really only participate in Facebook, and it ends up being depressing to see some of the opinions posted on there. Twitter’s a cesspool, and I never fell into Instagram. But blogging as a teenager? That was fun, and maybe blogging can be worthwhile again.

I first registered this domain,, to post highlights in my engineering career. Personal goals change, and I stopped at the two-year degree. It still works, though. I like to plan, think practically, and make things make sense. The old blog saw its last post about four years ago, so I deleted everything to start fresh.

This is all a month into the COVID-19 shutdown, and the world is a bit more chaotic than we’ve seen before. For a lot of people, we’ve been in freefall for a while, and we’re grasping at whatever we can find along the way. I’m proud of a lot of family members, friends and coworkers (past and present), but I have no idea what to offer anyone. It’s hard to tell what will stick around.

So here I am, starting/restarting a blog. Maybe some of my knowledge will help others. Or maybe even entertain. Only one way to find out.