Java Series Done, Updating LinkedIn

I’ve been busy since February 1st! I have now knocked out the Java classes with WGU, and that gave me a good chunk of experience playing around with Spring Boot. It was a good experience, but I’m glad it’s over.

Around that last post on February 9th, I also dusted off my resume and started applying to a few positions and internships. The CS job market is still in a lull, but I have had some interest generated. I’m continuing to apply, and hoping that something does pan out.

Currently, I’m studying up for my Data Structures and Algorithms I class. Part of the class is a Python review, as chunks of the class will be done in the language. This has been a pretty good chance for me to go back and get used to Python again. Since a lot of my educational background is Java and C++, I have to say, it sometimes feels like a weird language, but I’m getting used to its disarming simplicity.

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